boldface: members of Benos’ lab,  *equal contribution, †(co-)corresponding authors, #co-senior authors  Archival and PMC paper versions are freely available


  1. Longitudinal Multicompartment Characterization of Host-Microbiota Interactions in Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure
    G.D. Kitsios, K. Sayed, A. Fitch, H. Yang, N. Britton, F. Shah, W. Bain, J.W. Evankovich, S. Qin, X. Wang, K. Li, A. Patel, Y. Zhang, J. Radder, C. Dela Cruz, D.A. Okin, C.‐Y. Huang, D. van Tyne, P.V. Benos, B. Methé, P. Lai, A. Morris, B.J. McVerry
    Nature Communications (2024) accepted. Accepted: 13-May-2024.  Advanced Publ date: TBA. Final Public date: TBA.
    [Abstract] [Article]
  2. A plasma peptidomic signature reveals extracellular matrix remodeling and predicts prognosis in alcohol-related hepatitis
    K. Sayed*, C.E. Dolin*, D.W. Wilkey, J. Li, T. Sato, J.I. Beier, J. Argemi, V. Vatsalya, C.J. McClain, R. Bataller, A.S. Wahed, Michael L Merchant#, P.V. Benos#, G.E Arteel#
    Hepatology Communications (2024) accepted. Accepted: 7-May-2024.  Advanced Publ date: TBA. Final Public date: TBA.
    [Abstract] [Article]
  3. The novel Florida Scoring System for stratifying children suspected of Sjögren’s disease: findings from the first data-driven cross-sectional study applied to a rare pediatric cohort
    W. Zeng, A. Thatayatikom, N. Winn, T.C. Lovelace, I. Bhattacharyya, T. Schrepfer, A. Shah, R. Gonik, P.V. Benos#, S. Cha#
    Lancet Rheumatology (2024) 6:e279-e290. Accepted: 28-Feb-2024.  Final Public date: 22-Apr-2024.
    [Abstract] [Article]
  4. Lung epithelium releases growth differentiation factor 15 in response to pathogen-mediated injury
    F.A. Shah, H. Bahudhanapati, M. Jiang, M. Tabary, R. van der Geest, N.J. Tolman, M. Kochin, Z. Xiong, N. Al-Yousif, K. Sayed, P.V. Benos, K. Raffensperger, J. Evankovich, M.D. Neal, M.E. Snyder, O. Eickelberg, P. Ray, C. Dela Cruz, J. Bon, B.J. McVerry, A.C. Straub, M.J. Jurczak, T.l. Suber, Y. Zhang, K. Chen, G.D. Kitsios, J.S. Lee, J.K. Alder, W.G. Bain
    AJRCMB (2024) accepted. Accepted: 20-Jan-2024.  Advanced Publ date: TBA. Final Public date: TBA.
    [Abstract] [Article]
  5. CellularPotts.jl: Simulating Multiscale Cellular Models in Julia
    R.W. Gregg, P.V. Benos
    Bioinformatics (2024) 40:btad773. Accepted: 17-Dec-2023.  Advanced Publ date: 22-Dec-2023. Final Public date: 2-Jan-2024. [Applications Note]
    [Abstract] [Article]
  6. Early Evidence of COPD Obscured by Race-Specific Prediction Equations
    A. Regan, M.E. Lowe, B.J. Make, J.L. Curtis, Q. Chen, J.L. Crooks, , C. Wilson, G.R. Oates, R.W. Gregg, A.K. Baldomero, S.P. Bhatt, A.A. Diaz, P.V. Benos, J.K. O’Brien, K.A. Young, G.L. Kinney, D.J. Conrad, K.E. Lowe, D.L. DeMeo, A. Non, M.H. Cho, J. Kallet , M.G. Foreman, G.E. Westney, K.F. Hoth, N.R. MacIntyre, N. Hanania, A. Wolfe, H. Amaza, M. Han, T.H. Beaty, N.N. Hansel, M.C. McCormack, A. Balasubramanian, J.D. Crapo, E.K. Silverman, R. Casaburi, R.A. Wise
    Am J Respir Crit Care Med (2023) 209:59-69. Accepted: 16-Aug-2023. Advance publ date: 27-Aug-2023.  Final publ date: 1-Jan-2024.
    [Abstract] [Article


  1. LEF1 isoforms regulate cellular senescence and aging
    M. Jia*, K. Sayed*, M G. Kapetanaki*, W. Dion, L. Rosas, S. Irfan, E. Valenzi, A.L. Mora, R.A. Lafyatis, M. Rojas, B. Zhu, P.V. Benos
    Aging Cell (2023) 22:e14024. Accepted: 15-Oct-2023.  Advanced Publ date: 13-Nov-2023. Final Public date: 18-Dec-2023.
    [Abstract] [Article] [bioRxiv]
  2. Enabling the Clinical Application of Artificial Intelligence in Genomics: A Perspective of the AMIA Genomics and Translational Bioinformatics Workgroup
    N.A. Walton, R. Nagarajan, C. Wang, M. Sincan, R.R. Freimuth, S.P. McGrath, D.J. Lemas, P.V. Benos, A.V. Alekseyenko, Q. Song, E. Gamsiz, C. Overby Taylor, A. Uzen, T. Nate Person, N. Rappoport, Z. Zhao, M.S. Williams
    JAMIA (2023) 31:536–541. Accepted: 11-Oct-2023.  Publ date: 30-Nov-2023. [Perspective article]
    [Abstract] [Article
  3. Defining trophoblast injury patterns in the transcriptomes of dysfunctional placentas
    O. Barak*, T. Lovelace*, T. Chua, Z. Caoa , E. Sadovskya , J.-F. Mouillet, Y. Ouyang, P.V. Benos, Y. Sadovsky
    Placenta (2023) 143:87-90. Accepted: 16-Oct-2023.  Advance publ date: 17-Oct-2023. Final publ date: 20-Oct-2023. [Short Communication]
    [Abstract] [Article]
  4. Integrated BATF transcriptional network regulates suppressive intratumoral regulatory T cells
    F. Shan, A.R. Cillo, C. Cardello, D.Y. Yuan, S.R. Kunning, J. Cui, C. Lampenfeld, A.M. Williams, A.P. McDonough, R.L. Ferris, T.C. Bruno, C.J. Workman, P.V. Benos, D.A.A. Vignali
    Science Immunology (2023) 8:adf6717. Accepted: 28-Jun-2023.  Publ date: 15-Sep-2023.
    [Abstract] [Article
  5. Transcriptional Changes of the Aging Lung
    M. Jia*, P.A. Agudelo Garcia*, J.A. Ovando-Ricardez, T. Tabib, H.T. Bittar, R.A. Lafyatis, A.L. Mora, P.V. Benos, M. Rojas
    Aging Cell (2023) 22:e13969. Accepted: 8-Aug-2023.  Publ date: 14-Sep-2023.
    [Abstract] [Article
  6. Integrated unbiased multiomics defines disease-independent placental clusters in common obstetrical syndromes
    O. Barak*, T. Lovelace*, S, Piekos, T. Chu, Z. Cao, E. Sadovsky, J.-F. Mouillet, Y. Ouyang, W.T. Parks, L. Hood, N.D. Price, P.V. Benos, Y. Sadovsky
    BMC Medicine (2023) 21:349. Accepted: 28-Aug-2023. Final publ date: 8-Sep-2023.
    [Abstract] [Article]  
  7. Deep neural networks with knockoff features identify nonlinear causal relations and estimate effect sizes in complex biological systems
    Z. Fan, K. Kernan, A. Sriram, P.V. Benos, S. Canna, J. Carcillo, S. Kim, H.J. Park
    GigaScience(2023) 12:giad044Accepted: 14-Apr-2023. Publ date: 3-Jul-2023.
    [Abstract] [Article] [bioRxiv version]
  8. An intrinsically interpretable neural network architecture for sequence to function learning
    A.T. Balci, M.M. Ebeid, P.V. Benos, D. Kostka, M. Chikina
    Bioinformatics (2023)39 (Suppl 1):i413-i422. (Proc ISMB 2023). Accepted: 11-Apr-2023.  Publ date: 30-Jun-2023.
    [Abstract] [Article] [bioRxiv version]
  9. The plasma degradome reflects later development of NASH fibrosis after liver transplant
    J. Li, T. Sato, M. Hernández-Tejero, J.I. Beier, K. Sayed, P.V. Benos, D.W. Wilkey, A. Humar, M.L. Merchant, A. Duarte-Rojo, G.E. Arteel
    Scientific Reports (2023) 13:9965. Accepted: 13-Jun-2023.  Publ date: 20-Jun-2023.
    [Abstract] [Article
  10. The upper and lower respiratory tract microbiome in severe aspiration pneumonia
    G.D. Kitsios, V.D. Nguyen, K. Sayed, N. Al-Yousif, C. Schaefer, F.A. Shah, W. Bain, H. Yang, A. Fitch, K. Li, X. Wang, S. Qin, H. Gentry, Y. Zhang, J. Varon, A.A. Rubio, J.A. Englert, R.M. Baron, J.S. Lee, B Methé, P.V. Benos, A. Morris, B.J. McVerry
    iScience (2023) 26:106832. Accepted: 3-May-2023.  Advance publ date: 6-May-2023.  Final publ date: 16-Jun-2023.
    [Abstract] [Article
  11. Early events marking lung fibroblast transition to profibrotic state in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
    M. Jia*, L. Rosas*, M.G. Kapetanaki, T. Tabib, J. Sebrat, T. Cruz, A. Bondonese, A.L. Mora, R. Lafyatis, M. RojasP.V. Benos
    Respiratory Research (2023) 24:116Accepted: 12-Apr-2023. Publ date: 21-Apr-2023.
    [Abstract] [Article] [bioRxiv version]
  12. Foxm1 regulates cardiomyocyte proliferation in adult zebrafish after cardiac injury
    D.A. Zuppo, M.A. Missinato, L. Santana-Santos, G. Li, P.V. Benos, M. Tsang
    Development (2023)150:dev201163. Accepted: 13-Feb-2023.  Advance publ date: 27-Feb-2023. Final publ date: 14-Mar-2023.
    [Abstract] [Article] [bioRxiv version]
  13. Distinct COPD subtypes in former smokers revealed by gene network perturbation analysis
    K.L. Buschur, C. Riley, A. Saferali, P. Castaldi, G. Zhang, F. Aguet, K.G. Ardlie, P. Durda, W.C. Johnson, S. Kasela, Y. Liu, A. Manichaikul, S.S. Rich, J.I. Rotter, J. Smith, K.D. Taylor, R.P. Tracy, T. Lappalainen, R.G. Barr, F. Sciurba, C.P. Hersh, P.V. Benos
    Respiratory Research (2023) 24:30. Accepted: 5-Jan-2023. Publ date: 25-Jan-2023.
    [Abstract] [Article]  Editor’s pick


  1. Towards cross-modal causal structure and representation learning
    H. Mao, H. Liu, J.X. Dou, P.V. Benos
    PMLR (2022) 193:120-140. Proceedings of Machine Learning for Health (NeurIPS 2022 workshop). Accepted: 22-Oct-2022.  Final publ date: 29-Nov-2022.
    [Abstract] [Article]
  2. Lipidomic signatures align with inflammatory patterns and outcomes in critical illness
    J. Wu, A. Cyr, D.S. Gruen, T.C. LovelaceP.V. Benos, …, T.R. Billiar, PAMPer study group
    Nature Communications (2022) 13:6789. Accepted: 25-Oct-2022.  Final publ date: 10-Nov-2022.
    [Abstract] [Article] [Research Square version] (pre-print)
  3. Causal Discovery in High-dimensional, Multicollinear Datasets
    M. Jia*, D. Yuan*, T.C. Lovelace, M. Hu, P.V. Benos
    Front Epidemiol (2022) 2:899655. Accepted: 5-Aug-2022.  Final publ date: 13-Sep-2022.
    [Abstract] [Article]
  4. COEM: Cross-modal embedding for metacell identification
    H. Mao*, M. Jia*. J.X. Dou, H. Zhang, P.V. Benos
    ICML 2022 Workshop on Computational Biology. Accepted (spotlight presentation): 13-Jun-2022.  Presentation date: 22-Jul-2022.
    [Abstract] [Article] (conference website) [arXiv version]
  5. Essential Regression: A generalizable framework for inferring causal latent factors from multi-omic datasets
    X. Bing*, T. Lovelace*. F. Bunea, M. Wegkamp, S.P. Kasturi, H. Singh*, P.V. Benos, J. Das
    Patterns (2022) 3:100473. Accepted: 1-Mar-2022.  Advance publ date: 24-Mar-2022.  Final publ date: 13-May-2022.
    [Abstract] [Article]

Older Publications (2002-2021)


  1. Critically ill COVID-19 patients 1 exhibit peripheral immune profiles predictive of mortality and reflective of SARS-CoV-2 viral burden in the lung
    A.R. Cillo, A. Somasundaram, F. Shan, C. Cardello, C.J. Workman, G.D. Kitsios, A. Ruffin, S. Kunning, C. Lampenfeld, S. Onkar, S. Grebinoski, G. Deshmukh, B. Methe, C. Liu, S. Nambulli, L. Andrews, W.P. Duprex, A.V. Joglekar, P.V. Benos, P. Ray, A. Ray, B.J. McVerry, Y. Zhang, J.S. Lee, J. Das, H. Singh, A. Morris, T.C. Bruno, D.A.A. Vignali
    Cell Rep Med (2021) 2:100476. Accepted: 23-Nov-2021.  Advance publ date: 2-Dec-2021.  Final publ date: 21-Dec-2021.
    [Abstract] [Article]
  2. Transcriptomics of Bronchoalveolar Lavage Cells Identifies New Molecular Endotypes of Sarcoidosis
    M. Vukmirovic, X. Yan, K.F. Gibson, M. Gulati, J.C. Schupp, G. DeIuliis, T.S. Adam, B. Hu, A. Mihaljinec, T. Woolard, H. Lynn, N. Emeagwali, E.L. Herzog, E.S. Chen, A.M. Morris, J.K. Leader, Y. Zhang, J.G.N. Garcia, L.A. Maier, R. Colman, W.P. Drake, M. Becich, H. Hochheiser, S.R. Wisniewski, P.V. Benos, D.R. Moller, A. Prasse, L.L. Koth, N. Kaminski
    Eur Resp J (2021) 58:2002950.   Accepted: 8-May-2021.  Advance publ date: 3-Jun-2021.  Final publ date: 2-Dec-2021.
    [Abstract] [Article] [medRxiv] (freely available)
  3. Neurological Complications Acquired during Pediatric Critical Illness: Exploratory ‘Mixed Graphical Modeling’ Analysis using Serum Biomarker Levels
    V.K. Raghu, C.M. Horvat, P.M. Kochanek, E.L. Fink, R.S.B. Clark, P.V. Benos, A. Au
    Pediatric Crit Care Med (2021) 22:906-914.   Accepted: 5-Apr-2021.  Advance publ date: 1-Jun-2021. Journal publ date: 1-Oct-2021.
    [Abstract] [Article]
  4. Reduced Proportion and Activity of Natural Killer Cells in the Lung of Patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
    T. Cruz*, M. Jia*, J.C. Sembrat, T. Tabib, D.A.A. Vignali, P. Sanchez, R. Lafyatis, A.L. Mora, P. Benos, M. Rojas
    Am J Respir Crit Care Med(2021) 204:608-610.   Accepted: 17-Mar-2021.  Advance publ date: 2-Jun-2021. Journal publ date: 1-Sep-2021. [Letter]
    [Abstract] [Article]
  5. Plasma 1,3-beta-D-glucan levels predict adverse clinical outcomes in critical illness
    G.D. Kitsios, D. Kotok, H. Yang, M.A. Finkelman, Y. Zhang, N. Britton, X. Li, M.S. Levochkina, A.K. Wagner, C. Schaefer, J.J. Villandre, R. Guo, J.W. Evankovich, W. Bain, F. Shah, Y. Zhang, B.A. Methé, P.V. Benos, B.J. McVerry, A. Morris
    JCI Insight (2021) 6:141277.   Accepted: 2-Jun-2021.  Advance publ date: 15-Jun-2021.  Journal publ date: 22-Jul-2021.
    [Abstract] [Article] [medRxiv] (freely available)
  6. Myofibroblast transcriptome indicates SFRP2+ fibroblast progenitors in systemic sclerosis skin
    T. Tabib, M. Huang, C. Morse, A. Papazoglou, R. Behera, M. Jia, M. Bulik, D. Monier, P.V. Benos, W. Chen, R. Domsic. R. Lafyatis
    Nature Communications (2021) 12:4384.   Accepted: 11-Jun-2021.  Advance publ date: 15-Jun-2021. Journal publ date: 19-Jul-2021.
    [Abstract] [Article]
  7. Compensatory hepatic adaptation accompanies permanent absence of intrahepatic biliary network due to YAP1 loss in liver progenitors
    L.M. Molina, J. Zhu, Q. Li, T. Pradhan-Sundd, K. Sayed, N. Jenkins, R. Vats, S. Ko, S. Hu, M. Poddar, S.Singh, J. Tao, P. Sundd, A Singhi, S. Watkins, X. Ma, P.V. Benos, A. Feranchak, K. Nejak-Bowen, A. Watson, A. Bell, S.P. Monga
    Cell Reports (2021) 36:109310.  Accepted: 4-Jun-2021.   Advance publ date: 15-Jun-2021. Paper publ date: 6-Jul-2021
    [Abstract] [Article]
  8. A pipeline for integrated theory and data-driven modeling of genomic and clinical data
    V.K. Raghu, X. Ge, A. Balajee, D. Shirer, I. DasP.V. Benos, P.K. Chrysanthis
    IEEE/ACM Trans on Comput Biol and Bioinf (2021) 18:811-822.   BioKDD2019 Conf presentation: 5-Aug-2019.  IEEE Early access: 25-Aug-2020. Paper publ date: 3-Jun-2021.
    [Abstract] [Article] [arXiv version] (freely available)
  9. Topographic heterogeneity of lung microbiota in end-stage idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: the Microbiome in Lung Explants-2 (MiLEs-2) study
    E. Valenzi, H. Yang, J.C. Sembrat, L. Yang, S. Winters, R. Nettles, D.J. Kass, S. Qin, X. Wang, M. Myerburg, B. Methe, A. Fitch, J. Alder, P.V. Benos, B.J. McVerry, M. Rojas, A. Morris, G.D. Kitsios
    Thorax (2021) 76:239-247.   Accepted: Oct-2020.   Advance publ date: 2-Dec-2020. Paper publ date: 16-Feb-2021.
    [Abstract] [Article]  [medRxiv] (freely available)
  10. Human ex vivo lung perfusion: A novel model to study human lung diseases
    N. Cárdenes*, J. Sembrat*, K. Noda*, T. Lovelace*, D. Álvarez, H.E. Trejo Bittar, B.J. Philips, M. Nouraie, P.V. Benos, P.G. Sánchez, M. Rojas
    Scientific Reports, (2021) 11:490.   Accepted: 1-Dec-2020.   Journal publ date: 12-Jan-2021.
    [Abstract] [Article]  (freely available)
  11. Interpretable Factors in scRNA-seq Data with Disentangled Generative Models
    H. Mao, M.J. Broerman, P.V. Benos
    2020 IEEE BIBE (20th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering), pp. 85-88,  (2020) accepted.   Conf presentation: 26-Oct-2020.  IEEE Xplore access: 16-Dec-2020.
    [Abstract] [Article]  (IEEE Xplore)
  12. Respiratory Tract Dysbiosis is Associated With Worse Outcomes in Mechanically-Ventilated Patients
    G.D. Kitsios, H. Yang, L. Yang, S. Qin, A. Fitch, X.-H. Wang, K. Fair, J. Evankovich, W. Bain, F. Shah, K. Li, B. Methe, P.V. Benos, A. Morris, B.J. McVerry
    Am J Respir Crit Care Med (2020)202:1666-1677.  Epub: 27-Jul-2020.  Journal publ date: 15-Dec-2020.
    [Abstract] [Article] [PMC version]
  13. Improving Constraint-Based Causal Discovery from Moralized Graphs
    A. FuccelloD. YuanP.V. BenosV.K. Raghu
    NeurIPS 2020 Workshop on Causal Discovery and Causality-Inspired Machine Learning, (2020) accepted.   Conf presentation: 11-Dec-2020.
    [Abstract] [Article]  (Workshop website) [PDF main] [PDF Suppl] (local copies)
  14. miR-1207-5p Can Contribute to Dysregulation of Inflammatory Response in COVID-19 via Targeting SARS-CoV-2 RNA
    G. Bertolazzi, C. Cipollina, P.V. Benos, M. Tumminello, C. Coronnello
    Front Cell Infect Microbiol (2020) 10:586592.   Journal publ date: 29-Oct-2020.
    [Abstract] [Article]  (freely available)
  15. An improvement of ComiR algorithm for microRNA target prediction by exploiting coding region sequences of mRNAs
    G. BertolazziP.V. Benos, M. Tumminello, C. Coronnello
    BMC Bioinf (2020) 21(Suppl 8):363.   BITS2019 Conf presentation: 26-28-Jun-2019.  Journal publ date: 16-Sep-2020.
    [Abstract] [Article]  (freely available)
  16. Protecting the lungs and hurting the kidneys: causal inference study for the risk of ventilation-induced kidney injury in ARDS
    H. Yang, P.V. Benos, G.D. Kitsios
    Annals Transl Med (2020) 8:985.  Epub: 20-May-2020.  Journal publ date: 8-Aug-2020.
    [Abstract] [PMC version] [Article] (freely available)  [Editorial]
  17. CausalMGM: An interactive web-based causal discovery tool
    X. Ge*, V.K. Raghu*, P.K. Chrysanthis, P.V. Benos
    Nucl Acids Res (2020) 48 (Web Server Issue):W597–W602. Epub: 11-May-2020.  Journal publ date: 2-Jul-2020.
    [Abstract] [Article] (freely available)  [Web tool]
  18. Causal network perturbations for instance-specific analysis of single cell and disease samples
    K.L. Buschur, M. Chikina, P.V. Benos
    Bioinformatics (2020) 36:2515–2521. Epub: 24-Dec-2019. Journal publ date: 15-Apr-2020.
    [Abstract] [Article] (freely available)               [Supplementary Data] [Code and Data]
  19. The evolution of radiographic edema in ARDS and its association with clinical outcomes: a prospective cohort study in adult patients
    D. Kotok, J.W. Evankovich, W. Bain, D.G. Dunlap, F. Shah, L. Yang, Y. Zhang, D.V. Manatakis, P.V. Benos, I.J. Barbash, S.F. Rapport, J.S. Lee, A. Morris, B.J. McVerry, G.D. Kitsios
    J Crit Care (2020) 56:222-228. Epub: 6-Feb-2020. Journal publ date: Apr-2020.
    [Abstract] [Article] [PMC version]
  20. ARDS subphenotypes beyond ARDS: prognostic enrichment in mechanically-ventilated patients with or at risk for ARDS
    G.D. Kitsios, L. Yang, D.V. Manatakis, M. Nouraie, J. Evankovich, W. Bain, D.D. Dunlap, F. Shah, I.J Barbash, S.F. Rapport, Y. Zhang, R.S. DeSensi, N.M. Weathington, B.B. Chen, P. Ray, R.K. Mallampalli, P.V. Benos, J.S. Lee, A. Morris, B.J. McVerry
    Critical Care Medicine(2019) 47:1724-1734.   Epub: 18-Oct-2019.  Journal publ date: Dec-2019.
    [Abstract] [Article] [PMC version]
  21. COPDGene 2019: Redefining the Diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    K.E. Lowe, E.A. Regan, A. Anzueto, E. Austin, J.H.M. Austin, T.H. Beaty, P.V. Benos, …, E.K. Silverman, J.D. Crapo
    Chronic Obstr Pulm Dis (2019) 6:384-399.  Publ Date: 10-Nov-2019.
    [Abstract] [Article] (freely available)
  22. Transcriptional regulatory model of fibrosis progression in the human lung
    J.E. McDonough, F. Ahangari1, Q. Li, S. Jain, S.E. Verleden, J. Herazo-Maya, M. Vukmirovic, G. Deluliis, A. Tzouvelekis, N. Tanabe, F. Chu, X. Yan, J. Verschakelen, R.J. Homer, D.V. ManatakisJ. Zhang, J. Ding, K. Maes, L. De Sadeleer, R. Vos, A. Neyrinck, P.V. Benos, Z. Bar-Joseph, D. Tantin, J.C. Hogg, B.M. Vanaudenaerde, W.A. Wuyts, N. Kaminski
    JCI Insight(2019) 4:e131597.   Epub: 10-Oct-2019.  Journal publ date: 4-Nov-2019.
    [Abstract] [Article] (freely available)              [Supplementary Material]
  23. Proliferating SPP1/MERTK-expressing macrophages in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
    C. Morse, T. Tabib, J. Sembrat, K. Buschur, H.T. Bittar, E. Valenzi, Y. Jiang, D.J. Kass, K. Gibson, W. Chen, A. Mora, P.V. Benos, M. Rojas, R. Lafyatis
    European Respiratory Journal (2019) 54:1802441.   Epub: 22-Aug-2019.  Journal publ date: 22-Aug-2019.
    [Abstract] [Article] [PMC version]               [Supplementary Material]
  24. A pipeline for integrated theory and data-driven modeling of genomic and clinical data
    V.K. Raghu, X. Ge, A. Balajee, D. Shirer, I. DasP.V. Benos, P.K. Chrysanthis
    BioKDD2019 (2019) accepted.   Conf presentation: 5-Aug-2019
    [Abstract] [Article] (freely available)
    [UPDATE 2020-08-27: An updated version of this paper was published by the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics]
  25. Regional Molecular Signature of the Symptomatic Atherosclerotic Carotid Plaque
    E. Caparosa*, A.J. Sedgewick*, G. Zenonos, Y. Zhao, D.L. Carlisle, L. Stefaneanu, B.T. Jankowitz, P. Gardner, Y.-F. Chang, W.R. Lariviere, W.A. LaFramboise, P.V. Benos, R.M. Friedlander,
    Neurosurgery (2019) 85:E284-E293.   Epub: 17-Oct-2018.  Journal publ date: 1-Aug-2019.
    [Abstract] [Article] [PMC version]               [Supplementary Material]
  26. Expression patterns of small numbers of transcripts from functionally-related pathways predict survival in multiple cancers
    J. Mandel, H. Wang, D.P. Normolle, W. Chen, Q. Yan, P.C. Lucas, P.V. Benos, E.V. Prochownik
    BMC Cancer (2019) 19:686.   Publ Date: 12-Jul-2019.  Journal publ date: 12-Jul-2019.
    [Abstract] [Article] (freely available)
  27. Feasibility of lung cancer prediction from low-dose CT scan and smoking factors using causal models
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    [Abstract] [Article] (freely available)               [Supplementary Material]
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    [Abstract] [Article] (freely available)
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    [Abstract]  [Article]  [PMC version]               [Supplementary Material]
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    V.K. RaghuA. Poon, and P.V. Benos
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    [Abstract]  [Article] (freely available)
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    [Abstract] [Article] [PMC version]   Editor’s pick
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    [Abstract]  [Article]  [PMC version]
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    [Abstract]  [Article]  [PMC version]

2009 -2014

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    [Abstract] [Article]  [PMC version]
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    [Abstract] [Article]  [PMC version]
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    [Abstract] [Article]  [PMC version]
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    [Abstract] [Article]  [PMC version]  [Web tool]
  6. Spectral clustering strategies for heterogeneous disease expression data
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    [Abstract] [Article]  [PMC version]
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    [Abstract] [Article]  [PMC version]
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    [Abstract] [Article]  [PMC version]
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2002 -2008

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Pre-Independence Publications (prior to 2002)

Post-graduate Work

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Graduate Work

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