Funding support

Current funding support

Recipient Funding source Research project
Benos (PI) NIH-NHLBI (R01) Interpretable graphical models for large multi-modal COPD data (2015-now)
Benos (PI) NIH-NHLBI (R01) COPD subtypes and early prediction using integrative probabilistic graphical models (2022-now)
Benos (MPI) NIH-NIDDK (R01) Novel Biomarkers for Post-Liver Transplant NASH Fibrosis (2023-now)
Benos (MPI) NIH-NHLBI (R01) Genomic Analysis of Tissue and Cellular Heterogeneity in IPF (2015-now)
Benos (MPI) NIH-NHLBI (U01) Mapping age-related changes in the lung (2019-now)
Benos (MPI) NIH-NIAAA (R01) Biomarkers of Alcoholic Hepatitis (2020-now)
Lovelace NIH-NLM (F31) Causal graphical methods for high-dimensional heterogeneous biomedical data (2022-now)

Recently completed projects (last 3 years)

´╗┐Recipient Funding source Research project
Gregg NIH-NLM (T15) Causal discovery in chronic diseases (2021-2023)
Benos (MPI) NIH-NHLBI (R01) Systems Biology of Diffusion Impairment in HIV (2018-2022)
Benos (PI) NIH-NHLBI (U01) Systems Level Causal Discovery in Heterogeneous TOPMed Data (2017-2022)