Haopu’s farewell – July 2021

Benos Lab Spring cookout – April 2021

Benos Lab over the years (group photos for years 2004-2020)

Benos Lab: Spring 2020 meeting (during COVID-19)

Benos Lab Holiday Dinner 2019

Benos Group Summer Lunch 2019

Vineet’s thesis defense (May 2019)

Kristina’s thesis defense (April 2019)

Benos Group Summer Lunch 2018

We celebrate the graduation of Ivy and Junke (April 2017)

Lucas’s thesis defense & 15 yrs of Benos’ Lab! (April 2017)

AJ’s thesis defense (July 2016)

Celebration of the Lab’s 13th year and other happy news (June 2015)

Grace’s Farewell (October 2013)

10 Year Celebration (April 2012)

Sabah’s Farewell (February 2012)

Rachel’s Thesis Defense and Farewell (October 2011)