Khaled has a first author paper accepted in Hepatology Communications

Congratulations to our group member, Khaled Sayed (now at the University of New Haven), for the acceptance of his first author paper in Hepatology Communications.  This paperKhaled photo UNH 2023 is entitled “A plasma peptidomic signature reveals extracellular matrix remodeling and predicts prognosis in alcohol-related hepatitis” and presents the analysis results of degradome profiles in patients with different degrees of alcoholic hepatitis severity. In this paper, we develop a new predictor of 90-day mortality in these patients, which performs better than the standard MELD score. This paper is a collaboration with the labs of Gavin Arteel (PI in this project) and Michael Merchant, which we thank very much. 

Paper availability: [journal web site]

Congratulations to Khaled!