Khaled co-authors a Nature Communications paper

Multi-compartment paper figureCongratulations to our group member, Khaled Sayed (now at the University of New Haven), for the acceptance of his second author paper that was conditionally accepted in Nature Communications.  This paperKhaled photo UNH 2023 is entitled “Prognostic Insights from Longitudinal Multicompartment Study of Host-Microbiota Interactions in Critically Ill Patients” and is led by our long-time collaborator, Dr. Georgios Kitsios. Our alumnus, Haopu Young, is also a co-author. This paper investigates the potential of microbiota and fungal sequences to act as prognostic biomarkers in critically ill patients. 

Paper availability: [journal web site]


Congratulations to Khaled and thanks to Dr. Georgos Kitsios and colleagues!