Tyler has a first co-author paper accepted in BMC Medicine

BMC Med figureCongratulations to Tyler Lovelace for the acceptance of his first co-author BMC Medicine paper, which is entitled “Integrated unbiased multiomics defines disease-independent placental clusters in common obstetrical syndromes”.Photo of Tyler Lovelace

In this paper, Tyler analyzed placental-derived multi-comics datasets (mRNA, miRNA, proteins, metabolites) from pregnant women with different pregnancy abnormalities: preeclampsia, fetal growth restriction, spontaneous preterm delivery. The analysis identified four distinct injury clusters, each dominated by a different syndrome, but having also characteristic differences. This is a collaborative paper, led by Dr, Oren Barak, working in Yoel Sadovsky’s lab at the Magee Women Research Institute in Pittsburgh.

Paper availability: [journal web site]  

Congratulations Tyler!