Minxue has a first author paper accepted in Aging Cell

Aging Cell Fig.Congratulations to Minxue Jia for the acceptance of his first author Aging Cell paper, which is entitled “Transcriptional Changes of the Aging Lung”.Photo of Minxue Jia

In this paper, Minxue analyzed lung scRNA-seq data from carefully selected healthy donors across life span (19-78 yrs old). Some of the samples were the controls from existing publications, whereas 10 samples were new (from collaborators Mauricio Rojas, Bob Lafyatis, Ana Mora). The analysis showed that most changes appeared in monocytes and alveolar macrophages and were related to inflammation and immune response. Minxue used these data to calculate a LungAge score. 

Paper availability: [journal web site]  

Congratulations Minxue!