Congratulations to Haopu for his Thorax paper

Congratulations to Haopu Yang, a Tsinghua scholar from our group, for the acceptance of a paper he co-authored by the journal Thorax.  This paper, which is a collaboration with George Kitsios, MD, investigates the microbiome content differences in 62 IPF, 15 connective tissue-associated ILD, 20 cystic fibrosis, 20 COPD patients and 20 controls.  The paper is entitled “Topographic Heterogeneity of Lung Microbiota in End-Stage Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: The Microbiome in Lung Explants-2 (MiLEs-2) Study“.

[UPDATE 2020-12-02] The paper is published as “early access” by Thorax.

[UPDATE 2021-02-16] The paper is published by Thorax (here).