Congratulations to Vineet for his Nucleic Acids Research paper

Congratulations to Vineet for the acceptance of his paper by the Nucleic Acids Research (2020 Web  Server issue).  The paper is entitled “CausalMGM: An interactive web-based causal discovery tool” and describes the new web server our group put together in collaboration with the group of Prof. Panos Chrysanthis.

Vineet was a graduate student in the lab and was co-advised by Takis and Panos.  He graduated last summer with a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh and he is now a T32 research fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard University.  This is his 8th paper published from his PhD work.

CausalMGM server:

[UPDATE 2020-05-11] The paper is now posted on-line on the journal’s web site.