Congratulations Dr. Raghu (thesis defense)

Today, Vineet made a wonderful presentation of his work in the past three years and successfully defended his thesis entitled “A Computational Pipeline for Graphical Modeling of Integrated Biomedical Data.”  In the past few years, Vineet presented his work at the European Conference in Computational Biology (ECCB 2018) and in multiple SIG KDD workshops, while he has published in Thorax, Bioinformatics and other journals.  He will continue in academia with a postdoc at Harvard University.

Congratulations, Vineet!

Photo: Vineet with his committee members.  Left to right: Peter Spirtes (CMU Philosophy), Olja Finn (Pitt SOM), Panos Chrysantis (Pitt SCI), Vineet Raghu, Takis Benos (Pitt SOM), Rebecca Hwa (Pitt SCI), Milos Hauskrecht (Pitt SCI).